What can Greentest do?

Greentest can measure freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables and harmful substances inside, by determination of the relative nitrate ions concentration.

What does influence on the results of Greentest measurements?

The results of measurements depend on such parameters as salt concentration in the intercellular space, conductivity and the condition of the cell membranes of the tested tissue of a product.

What kind of contaminants (harmful substances) are measured by Greentest? Can the Greentest detect hard metals, pesticides etc?

Greentest measures the salts concentration in the tested products, both salts that are essential and the ones that can cause serious harm for your health. This is especially true for nitrate salts that can accumulate in the products in high concentrations, due to improper cultivation. Greentest is calibrated to show the number of nitrate ions only. Device is not intended to detect pesticides and heavy metal ions, as they don’t influence on the electric conductivity.


However, the high level of nitrate content inside product may have a link to higher level of pesticides, heave metals, and link to lower level of antioxidants, microelements, vitamins.

Can Greentest indicate the freshness of fruit and vegetables?

Yes! Freshness is something that cannot be always detected by appearance. Some fruits are stored in refrigerator for months after harvesting, or with preservatives & chemicals added to make them look fresh. High level of nitrate may indicate the fruit is not fresh enough, because nitrate ions within the plant cells will gradually be released during storage when the fruits start to decompose. When food is not fresh, nitrate level will tend to rise. Freshness is related to potential bacteria/fungus level, a matter of hygiene and food safety.

Therefore, Greentest is also a convenient indicator of "Freshness".


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